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We, the people living together in the same society and community are very difficult to understand each other’s mind set and the things which we do.  I am also one them but I believe in reality and fact. During my childhood days, I worshiped and prayed God every day to make my life beautiful and happy life. Today I realized that I had made a big mistake in my childhood there is nothing which can be earn if we do not work. God doesn’t provide things which I wants if we don’t do the work well and in good form. I have created enough problems in my life which attracts me towards being unsuccessful. When I see the day-to-day life of maximum people they are working very hard so that they can live a happy life.


         So, for a better life I need to work hard and create something good which is worthy and will also help if not as a great part but maybe a small part in the development for the society. I have heard many stories of successful persons like Messi, Ratan Tata, Mukesh Ambani etc. They are all very hard working persons as a result today they are famous and it is fact that almost every person wants to live their luxury life style. Even I want to leave like them, so my point is that if we want to live a luxury life like them, we need to work hard.

         I had done many mischievous things during my high school days. In that time   I didn’t care for anything even if I had created a problem. I just played with my friends happily, without thinking what I had done and what will be the outcome. But, today I have understand that why I am not a successful person. I am not solving the problems which I created in my past. This is a huge mistake for me. In my opinion, solving problems which we created is very important for every person. If we create a problem we need to solve in any situation, problem acts as a huge burden in life. Problem leads to make a person unsuccessful. So, we need to avoid problems in every way we can.

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